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"Working with Sensei Ron has prepared me to go into the 2008 season with a stronger mind than ever before!"

-- Gabe Kapler
Boston Red Sox, World Series Champions (04), currently with Milwaukee Brewers.

"Few people understand the psychology of winning better than Sensei Ron"

--Sarano Kelley
Author of "The Game" & The #1 Coach on Wall Street
Transformational Life Coaching with Sensei Ron Thomas, Corporate Training

SENSEI RON THOMAS is the author of Positive Thinking is for Sissies and The Best You Can Sucks, Five Reasons Why and What to Do about It. He is the founder of The Mastery Boot Camp, a transformational personal development program; The Mindset Academy for Athletes, peak psychology training for competitors who want to win; and PIVOT, 360-degree empowerment coaching for entrepreneurs.  For these works and his background of personal and professional achievement, Sensei Ron is recognized as a leading authority in Human Potential and Personal Development.      

A professional actor as well, Ron Thomas is internationally known for his portrayal of Bobby Brown, the Cobra Kai bad guy who hurt Daniel-Sanís leg in the original and iconic film, The Karate Kid.  Heís achieved numerous successes in a town where most fail and, having done so, has had the privilege of working with some of the best and biggest names in Hollywood. 

Ironically, Ron is a real-life martial artist and true ďSensei.Ē  Heís a high-ranking black belt, 2-time world champion, and former member and trainer of the United States Sport Ju-Jitsu Team.  Sensei Ron founded the World Class Training Center in Los Angeles where he personally mentored and trained several national and world champions, priming not only their physical game but their mental game as well. 

Now, as a Motivational Celebrity Speaker and Mindset Expert, Sensei Ron Thomas is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to deliver a blend of Inspiration, Focus and Empowerment to his audiences and students.  By combining Esoteric and Inner Development principles from the martial arts, Breakthrough strategies from human behavioral modalities like NLP, and Focus and Mindset approaches from high-performance athletes and entertainers, he delivers a punch unlike other experts in his field.  Companies like Kaiser Permanente and Troop Real Estate, and individuals like Gabe Kapler (MLB player and World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox) and Jordan Thompson (NCAA Champion and Most Valuable Player, USC Water Polo) -- and a hundreds of others -- have felt the positive impact of Sensei Ronís value-driven, heart-hitting content, insight and inspiration.  Sensei Ron has delivered real tools that have proven to take their game to the next level.  


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