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"Working with Sensei Ron has prepared me to go into the 2008 season with a stronger mind than ever before!"

-- Gabe Kapler
Boston Red Sox, World Series Champions (04), currently with Milwaukee Brewers.

"Few people understand the psychology of winning better than Sensei Ron"

--Sarano Kelley
Author of "The Game" & The #1 Coach on Wall Street
Transformational Life Coaching with Sensei Ron Thomas, Corporate Training

Sensei Ron Thomas is a Transformational Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker specializing in Human Potential and Excellence. His expertise in the area of Personal Development and Self-Mastery has helped thousands achieve powerful and lasting results in business, in relationships, in athletics and in life.  

Whether youíre an entrepreneur, a sales professional, an athlete, an executive or anyone else seeking a high level of performance and success, Sensei Ronís Personal Development Programs are uniquely designed to help you go to the next level.

ďYou are a growth seeking, creative and powerful being. Excellence magnifies your growth, creativity, and power tenfold. Through Excellence you can achieve miracles!" -- Sensei Ron 

Personal Excellence is the way of the master and self-mastery elevates, not only our personal and professional lives, but the lives of others. Sensei Ronís winning background and lifetime of achievement uniquely qualifies him as one of the finest life coaches in the personal development arena and a leading motivational speaker on the topic of Excellence.

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